Sketch Urban Lisboa | by Luís Rosa

Sketch Urban Lisboa, by Luís Rosa

Luis ProfileLuis Rosa | Architect, Designer and Urban Sketcher


The Daily Graphic as a mean of expression and visual communication, can be seen as an intimate object that allows an approach to my thoughts. Thus the notebook is used to record the operation of an idea perpetuating the action in relation to space, time and subjectivity. And a very personal act of exploratory and experimental, I use him nonchalantly releasing my gaze, so that the drawings do not have in order to accurately represent what is in front of me, just because I'm here and I'll draw the taste of the traits that form on paper.

The nonchalance when drawing appears as an important feature in this context and is observed through the free designs with an almost unnoticed look at what, in general, attracts attention. Thus, the focus of the drawings becomes easy for things that are around constantly to everyone. Met Graphic Diaries space and time where we can afford to investigate what surrounds us, just not if you want a finished work.