XMAS & Reveillon MENU

December 24th | REVEILLON

Portuguese Menu

Couvert | Olives and bread.

Appetizers | Fried shrimps in olive oil and garlic, with spicy seafood sauce or Lisboa Salad (shredded cod, chickpeas, cornbread, red onion, olives and lettuce).

Main course | Fish - Shredded cod with battered potatoes, greens and cornbread or Baked octopus with lagareiro sauce.

Meat - Pork cheeks stewed in Estremadura red wine with mashed potatoes or Stuffed turkey breast with dried fruits, with moscatel sauce, with sliced ​​sweet potato.

Dessert | Grandma Laura's Sweet Rice  or Abade Priscos Pudding.

Drinks per person |  1 national sparkling flute, 1 glass white wine, 1 glass of red wine, 1 red or white port, water, coffee.
100€  for 2 persons

Mediterranean Menu

Couvert | Pate and bread.

Appetizer | Brick pasta fagottini stuffed with chevre cheese and fig jam, with salad.

Main course | Fish - Cod, shrimp and crayfish risotto or  Meat- Duck confit with Port wine reduction, with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables.

Dessert | Chocolate petit gateau with mint sauce and vanilla ice cream or Panna cotta with cinnamon, wild berries.

65 €* for 2 persons
* Drinks not included

Sea Menu

(Shared Menu)

Couvert | Pate and bread.

Appetizers |  Clams in algravia sauce (white wine, garlic, limon juice and coriander) or Mussels with spicy tomato sauce.

Main course | Sea mixed plater (Grilled tuna steak with lemon and mint sauce, octopus with lagareiro sauce, grilled black tiger prawns with butter sauce), with vegetables or Sauteed lobster with black tiger prawms in black linguinni, with seafood and cream sauce

Dessert | Lime Mousse 

75€*  for 2 persons 

* Drinks not included


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